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West Maui Cleaning Airbnb cleaning tips

– Cleaning is not just wiping down services, it’s making sure your guests feel comfortable in your space
– Bathrooms and kitchens need the most attention
– Hair is the biggest culprit, use a lint roller before you do any vacuuming or mopping, once hair gets wet it’s very hard to remove it from the surface
– Empty out and clean the fridge, only leave unopened beverages
– Use fresh linens and towels
– Guests spend the majority of the time sleeping, so it’s very important that they feel comfortable in your bed
– Use white linens without stains so your guests know that they are clean
– Include fresh pillow cases and a duvet covers
– Put two sets of towels in each bedroom, including a bath towel, a hand towel and a bath cloth
– Reserve some space in your dresser to put their clothes including hanging space
– Make the guests’ stay memorable, give your guests a special note, bottle of wine or something else

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